Charlotte Kinder – Nutrition and Wellness

  • Nutritional Therapy (BSc, mBANT, CNHC)
  • Functional Lab Testing Analysis – Hair, Gut/Stool, Hormones, Genetics
  • Pilates / Functional Movement (Mat, Barre)
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming / Behaviour Change Coaching (Dip NLP

Clinics at Portobello Natural Health are every Tuesday 2-6pm, and evening/weekend sessions on request. Phone 07971 563 111
Find out more about Charlotte and Balancore Health, including many of her delicious and healthy recipes at or go to Instagram @balancore

Charlotte KInder, a certified Nutritional Therapist, Functional Movemnt Coach and Wellness Consultant, brings your body back into balance through food, movement, emotions and lifestyle.

Charlott uses a variety of behaviour change methods in her practice alongside a full Nutritional Therapy service in order to support a range of health concerns. She also runs focused programs on:
• Energy balance 
• Detoxification 
• Fat loss
• General Wellness

Packages can also come with functional movement and pilates programs on request.

Charlotte says: In my spare time I’m usually found outdoors somewhere playing with my 1 year old, running on Arthur’s Seat or cooking! Being from Yorkshire I love to chat and am always keen for a cup of tea too 😉