Client Stories – Massage with Kerry Oliver

Evelyn’s Story:

Dear Kerry,

For some time now I have been meaning to write to say what I have already told you in person – that is how one session of massage therapy immediately eased the pain in my very painful shoulder and how grateful I am.

When you treated my shoulder with gentle massage, the pain had become so bad that it was very hard for me to move my arm. Putting on a jacket could cause excruciating pain and I had been finding ways to use that arm as little as possible.  After you worked very specifically on the problem areas, I could hardly believe that the awful pain had gone.

Apparently two conditions cause the pain and, while my GP has been extremely sympathetic, she warned me that it could take a considerable time to get a physiotherapy appointment.  She gave me details for online help, however I found the site so difficult to negotiate that it was of no real help.

I am fortunate that my workplace provides massage sessions with you from time to time.  I am so grateful for this on two counts.  Firstly, I would not have thought that massage therapy would have helped such a painful condition and, secondly, I have no doubt in my mind that, had I not seen you when I did, I would have had to take time off work – the pain really had got that bad.

Before that session I had only thought of the massage therapy as a very enjoyable and relaxing experience, but now I value it much more than that.  When the pain flared up again recently I was able to have another session with you before it got really bad – and the massage was just as effective.

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