PNH and Social Distancing

Due to the advice on social distancing and non essential contact now given we are very sad to announce that for the time being PNH therapists cannot see clients face to face.

However Jane Jamieson is offering a full online service of her wellbeing services, which can be accessed by contacting her direct and Kerry Oliver is able to advise on and sell NYR Organics products to help health and wellbeing at this difficult time.

Other practitioners are also working on how they can reach their clients remotely while this lasts. We are all very happy to discuss self-help strategies for chronic pain, anxiety and other conditions you may be affected by particularly at this time of uncertainty.

Many of us also have inspirational and educational Facebook and Instagram pages. Look particularly for Hannah Acupuncture at YellowEmpress and Laura our Sports and Swedish specialist at Massage Focus

This crisis is affecting many things we took for granted in our society and we feel our responsibilities as wellbeing practitioners deeply. We hope very much we will continue to able to connect with and support our clients and get back to face to face work as soon as it is safe to to so.

We also, like many others are self-employed and are affected significantly on the financial side. Any support you can offer us just now, by buying NY Christmas pressies extra early https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/kerryoliver investing in a Gift Voucher for when this is over, or just sending a message to say you understand will be hugely appreciated.

More from us soon, stay well and look after yourselves and your loved ones.

Being a Massage Therapist in a Pandemic

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It was good to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for easing lockdown today, bringing the possibility of hands-on practice just a little closer. Scotland has been later than England in easing lockdown restrictions, but even there, hands-on therapists are nowhere near being able to practice again, and it remains hard to determine how and when this level of contact will be safe.

Some guidance from Complementary Therapy professional bodies is starting to emerge regarding future guidelines on working directly with clients. This currently involves an awful lot of extra disinfecting, time between clients, use of disposables, and introduction of some PPE, which may mean that having a massage will be a slightly different experience from pre-Covid times. But looking ahead is hard, as it all may change pretty quickly too.

At Portobello Natural Health, we are looking at the developing guidelines for our practice as they start to unfold. Rest assured we will be back to face-to-face sessions as soon as we can safely and responsibly practice again. We miss you guys a lot, but it looks like we will all have to be patient a bit longer.

Please also remember we are still here for you, albeit remotely for now, if you are suffering from chronic pain, lack of mobility, anxiety conditions, or anything you may have sought help for pre-pandemic. Just let us know via the contact page and you will be directed to the practitioner most able to help with your particular issue. There is much we can do to help, even through email, phone calls, or Zoom sessions, until the time for hands-on work returns.

Massage as Medicine?

PNH Massage Therapist Laura Plumb explains why massage will be important coming out of lockdown and how you can help support it to be available more widely in the future

Earlier in the week, I came across the petition at the end of this article. It has been around for a few years and not gathered as many signatures in that time as I would have expected. It makes the case for the financial and health benefits of providing massage on the NHS. It got me thinking again having posted earlier in the year about the potential benefits of ‘massage prescriptions’ as an alternative or supplement to other prescriptions and treatments. If I had drafted it I would say that the squeeze on funding is Government-led rather than place that at the hands of the NHS but otherwise, the points made are sound.

In some respects it seems a strange time to be raising the issue again – firstly, because the NHS has enough to think about at the moment and also because massage therapists may be some of the last to go back to work given the nature of what we do and the impossibility of doing it at a distance.
However, issues that existed before the coronavirus still exist and for many people will be getting worse during lock down – not least because of the emotional impact of the situation on top of physical conditions. Massage recognises that our physical and emotional states are intricately linked and the work we therapists do can affect both at the same time. Massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. It helps with pain management, muscle rehabilitation, improving circulation, increased flexibility and stress reduction. Not to mention improving posture and boosting the immune system.

Something else that will continue to hold true is that many people who would benefit from massages are not able to access them for financial reasons. Although it is not highlighted in the case made in petition, increasing access for people who can’t afford a massage is also a big driver for me in signing.

Have a look, see what you think, and sign it if you feel inclined.

End of year practitioner changes


Carol showing off her Cupping equipment at Portobello Village Show in 2016!

We are very sad to say goodbye to Carol Cooke of Sonas Acupuncture. Carol has been a fantastic Practitioner and team member for the past two and a half years. She now has her own Acupuncture Clinic in Melrose and the commute to Edinburgh in conjuction with her family responsibilities has proved a bit too much of a stretch.

So if you are lucky enough to live near Melrose you now have a superb and dedicated Acupuncturist in the area.  We do now have a gap in our Acupuncture provision in Portobello, so if you are an Acupuncturist interested in working with us please get in touch for a chat.

In January 2019 we will be saying hello to a new Massage Therapist, local practitioner Laura Plumb, who will be offering sessions on Monday and Saturday. Massage is our most popular therapy so we are sure she will soon be busy. More info about Laura in January.

New therapy space update

IMG_1870 There have been months of planning, discussion and building at 19-21 Windsor Place, following the sad demise of Earthy Food and Goods in January and Tribe Porty subsequently taking over the lease.

For us this culminated last weekend in moving out of the space at the front of the building that had been home to Portobello Natural Health for the whole of its 4 year life span! So many different wellbeing treatments have taken place in that time, so many clients have seen their health improve and felt empowered to make more positive lifestyle changes, as a highly skilled and nurturing practitioner team has developed as the heart of PNH.

We have not moved far – just though the yellow doors of number 19 Windsor Place, up the stairs (stair lift available) to our new Clinic space in the calm oasis of Tribe Porty Hub. It is a time of transition, but we have the same name, address and contact details, and the same fantastic Natural Health and Therapies team, as well as some great new colleagues in Tribe Porty Wellness Team.

We will continue to develop our skills, and our team may change over time, but above all we will always hold the wellbeing of clients and patients at the heart of what we do. Come and visit us soon, and remember you can also book treatments online…..

If you are interested in all that Tribe Porty does please check them out on tribeporty.org/

Acupuncture for Fertility and Women’s Health


Could acupuncture enhance your chances of conceiving? 
If you are trying for a baby, whether naturally or through assisted conceptionacupuncture can be of help to you. It can do that by addressing stress levels, regulating your menstrual cycle, balancing hormonal activity and increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. The treatments will boost circulation, which will then support your body in providing more nourishment to the uterus and ovaries – an essential factor in follicle and egg development as well as building a healthy uterine lining. 
Best results are achieved using a complex approach, combining acupuncture with dietary changes, massage, exercise, supplements and sometimes personalised herb prescriptions.
During IVF cycles acupuncture treatments can reduce side effects of medication, alleviate the stress accompanying the IVF process, help create receptive uterine environment to support the implantation as well as minimise the risk of miscarriage.
Your acupuncturist will take a detailed medical history relating to your fertility as well as your general health in order to personalise your treatment plan. All acupuncture treatments are aimed to suit your specific situation and to ensure that all available support is used to make your fertility journey as successful as possible.
Written by our new Acupuncturist Monika Niemczynowicz, who practises at PNH on Monday afternoons – contact her direct on 07864 267 206

Fun of the Fair

A few images from our day out at Portobello Village Fair on Sunday 3 September. Herbalist Karen Bauer had some herb tea samples on offer and our taster sessions of Massage and Alexander Technique raised £60 for our nominated charity Social Bite http://social-bite.co.uk/socialbitefund/

Porty Village Show again

Last year was our first time running a stall at our local ‘village’ show and it was so much fun we decided to do it again. So Sunday 3rd September 2-5pm we will be at Rosefield Park with taster treatments, competitions, Neal’s Yard Organics bargains, and loads of information about how our treatments may be able to help you. Lets hope the sun shines again!


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PNH April updates

Spring is bringing some exciting changes to our clinic along with the new signagePNH sign and leaflets

Acupuncturist Carol Cooke is increasing her hours with us and is now offering a new Thursday morning Clinic – which for April has 30 minute Taster sessions for only £10

We have often been asked for Reflexology in the past and now we can offer it – Laura Taylor, Reflexologist  is joining us with her Monday clinic starting on 24th April so book your appointment now.

All our other practitioners are still with us and keen to help you with any health or wellbeing issues – Karen Bauer our Medical Herbalist has some great tips on managing Hayfever as that season approaches for sufferers.

If you are not sure which therapy would suit you best, get in touch with us on our Contact page for a chat. Happy April!

Hot Stone Treat-ment

Kerry Oliver of Holos Therapies is sharing this blog from her own website –  Hot Stones are such an amazing treat AND remedial tool in one and especially beneficial in these winter months  Kerry Oliver and Caroline Madden both offer Hot Stone Fusion at the Clinic and are very happt to tell you more about how this treatment can help




I had a new client today at Portobello Natural Health. She had a lot of pain and tightness in the cervical and thoracic region after being hospitalised with Pneumonia recently, so  was in need of a comprehensive upper body treatment.

Although she hadn’t booked a Hot Stone session I asked, as I often do, if she would mind if I used hot stones to help warm and release the tight muscles.

10 minutes later she said, ‘I don’t understand how this stone thing works, I can only feel your hands but they feel really hot. Actually it feels amazing…’

Hot stone fusion should mean means that hands and stones blend into each other without any sense of tools being used, so I was pleased to hear that this worked for my client.

And she booked her daughter in for a Hot Stone Massage later in the week……if you want to try this treatment yourself do get in touch

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