Molly Shanahan: Shamanic & Energy Work

Molly Shanahan

Energy & Shamanic Practitioner

Molly is a Shamanic Practitioner living and working in Portobello. Molly is originally from Canada, and qualified as a Shamanic practitioner in 2020 after a 3 year training. She says my ‘healing work is rooted in empathy, empowerment, connection to nature and a dose of humour.

Molly’s work addresses the energetic and soul aspects of a person’s health and how it connects to physical, mental and emotional health. This work can be helpful for stress, anxiety, depression, trauma recovery and relationships. She can help people to discover and heal the root cause of present challenges and find balance, inner peace, empowerment and connection with nature.

Molly offers sessions out of Portobello Natural Heath on Tuesdays. For more information or to make an appointment please go to her website