John Whelan, Sport & Remedial Therapist & Swedish Massage Therapist

To make an appointment for Sports & Remedial Therapy or a Swedish massage with John or just to chat about whether his therapies could help you, contact John on 07454 313739 or send a message by clicking here.

John WhelanJohn Whelan is an experienced fully qualified remedial and sport massage therapist (dip.) John works with people from all walks of life to aid injury and imbalance recovery, reduce pain, increase mobility and function and restore balance. He qualified at Glasgow Caledonia university with Western school doing his practical training at Watsonians rugby football club with the then physiotherapist working with semi professional rugby  players in peak season. John’s current clients come from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. John is also a fully qualified Swedish massage therapist (dip.)

John is SMTO registered (Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation). PVG registered (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) and is insured with Balens.




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