Karen Bauer, Herbal Medicine

Karen Bauer BSc (Hon) MNIMH (Herbal Medicine)

Karen Bauer, Herbal Mecidine

Karen is available on Monday afternoons, and sometimes has extra appointments by arrangement. To make an appointment or just to chat about whether it could help you, call Karen on 07786 970903 or send a message by clicking here.

Karen has BSc(Hon) degree in Phytotherapy. She has worked alongside Herbalists in Napiers Herbal Clinics, one of the oldest herbal establishments in the UK and is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, established in 1864, the leading professional body for Medical Herbalists worldwide. More information on NIMH can be found at www.nimh.org.uk

Karen works with people on a one to one basis using herbs which can provide a gentle, yet effective treatment for illness and imbalances that may occur in the body, helping to restore and bring the body back to a healthy state. As an Herbalist she uses medicine prepared solely from plants -flowers, leaves, roots, barks, or berries. A combination of herbs are chosen to suit the individuals needs and are dispensed as tinctures, herbal teas, creams, oils or ointments.

Karen has found herbs to be beneficial in people of all ages, with acute or chronic health complaints or for use during difficult stages in life as supportive tonics.


First consultation……………60 mins £45

Follow up consultation……30 mins £25

Children up to the age of 12

First consultation…………30-60 mins £30

Follow up consultation….30 mins……£20

Herbs cost around £8.00 per week for adults, children require smaller quantities so the cost will be less for them.