Sports & Remedial Therapy

John Whelan, Sports and Remedial Therapist.

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Remedial and sport therapists specialise in Remedial Massage for:

● Back & neck pain ● Shoulder and neck tension ● Tension headaches & migraines

● Improved body alignment ● Sciatica, hip & lower back pain ● Overuse injuries

● Injury recovery ● Improved flexibility & range of motion

Most remedial techniques owe some of their benefits to the mechanical effects specific to the massage strokes applied. These effects can include:

  • Stretching of the muscle fibres and associated fascia
  • ‘Pumping’, locally or more globally, of the circulation system
  • Reducing local tissue congestion/swelling, thereby enhancing circulation
  • Separating and ‘realigning’ muscle fibres
  • ‘Breaking down’ scar tissue, adhesions, congestion within or between muscles/other soft tissue structures
  • Stimulating synovial fluid release and circulation, and improving joint health & function.

Effects include:

  • Promoting muscle relaxation/normal resting ‘tone’
  • Restoring muscle balance
  • Enhancing tissue flexibility/range of movement deficits
  • Toning of wasted muscle
  • Enhancing nerve conduction
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Decreasing pain
  • Enhancing tissue healing
  • Improving proprioception and motor control.

In turn, these various effects of remedial massage can result in the following benefits:

  • Muscle balance restoration
  • Psychological and physical relaxation
  • Performance enhancement. Tissue tension, stiffness, and/or pain relief enhances normal functional joint movement
  • Improved blood flow translates as increased tissue oxygenation and nutrition, removal of metabolic waste, promoting healing
  • Improved muscle balance and nerve conduction  enhance proprioception, motor control, and hence function and reduced risk of injury recurrence

The efficacy of Remedial Massage is nowadays well documented in a growing body of clinical research.