Alexander Technique

Alexander technique

Alexander Technique

Julia Woodman, BSc, PhD, MSTAT, Alexander Technique teacher

Available Wednesdays afternoon and evening and some other times by arrangment

To book an appointment contact Julia on: 07932 967 344 or email click here to send a message.

Pricing: £35 for a 30 minute lesson. £50 for a 60 minute lesson.

If you’re interested in the idea of being helped to help yourself, the Alexander Technique may be for you. Through this practical, self-care and self-development method you can re-discover your natural coordination and balance. With time you are likely to notice that you are moving with greater ease and flexibility, and with improved posture and poise. These changes are often associated with a reduction in pain or other problems. For example, large clinical trials have shown that Alexander lessons led to long-term reductions in pain and disability for people with chronic back pain and for those with chronic neck pain.

Through Alexander lessons you will become more mindful of how you go about your daily life, gaining greater awareness of yourself and your surroundings, and more effectively integrating thinking and activity. With time, a calmer frame of mind develops, along with a greater ability to cope with stress. At the heart of the Alexander Technique is the recognition that mind and body are not separate entities but inextricably linked; as you learn to think differently, you’re likely to notice positive changes in your whole being.

Alexander lessons are very practical, centring on everyday activities such as walking and sitting, and your teacher will use dialogue and gentle hands-on guidance to communicate understanding and experience of the Technique. While you’re likely to leave an Alexander lesson with a feeling of general well-being, the main value comes in applying what you’ve learnt to your everyday life.

Alexander lessons are suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Anyone can benefit – all you need is a willingness to take a fresh look at yourself and be open to change.

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