Herbal Medicine


Kaz Bauer Herbalist

Herbal Medicine  with Karen Bauer BSc (Hon) MNIMH

Karen is available Monday afternoon and other times by arrangement

Mobile: 07786970903

Email: karenleabauer@yahoo.co.uk


Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine known. Herbalists use plants as medicine based on traditional knowledge along with the advantage of modern scientific research. This enables us to identify the plants’ chemical constituents and understand the physiological effect they have on the body.
Herbalists treat holistically, meaning they are not just looking at the symptoms, but are looking at the person as a whole and try to look at why certain symptoms have manifested and treat accordingly.

FIRST CONSULTATION Karen will take a thorough case history to get an idea of any factors that might be contributing to, or aggravating the symptoms. The first consultation usually takes around an hour and you will be asked many questions that will help gain an understanding of how the various systems of your body function.

Any prescribed medication from your GP will be taken into account along with past medical history and family medical history. Diet and lifestyle will also be discussed. She  A treatment plan will then be worked out, with herbs tailored to suit you, to address your current needs and any underlying contributing factors. These herbs will usually be given in the form of a liquid (tincture) or a tea. Creams or lotions may also be prescribed if required.


FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION After you have taken your herbs for a period of time, a 30 minute follow up appointment is usually required to check your progress.. This enables you and the herbalist to see how you are responding to the treatment. and alter the herbal remedy if needed.

The length of time you need to take your herbs will vary according to individual factors.

Karen has found herbal medicine to be beneficial in people with many acute or chronic health complaints, or for use during difficult stages in life as supportive tonics. If you are considering an appointment with Karen and would like to find out more about using Herbal Medicines and whether they would be suitable for you please get in touch via telephone or email.


  • Initial  consultation……….60 mins £45
  • Follow up consultation… ..30 mins £25

Children (up to 12 years)

  • Initial consultation………30-60 mins £30
  • Follow up consultation…..30 mins      £20
  • Herbs cost around £8.00 per week for adults, usually less for children