Clinical Massage

Kerry Oliver, Holistic & Clinical Massage Therapist

Caroline Madden, Bowen Technique & Clinical Massage Therapist

To book an appointment contact Kerry on: 07966 518 386 or Caroline on 07816 888 847. Or click here to send a message.

Clinical  Massage is still holistic but focuses more on particular problem areas or pain conditions in the body.

Advanced clinical techniques which may be used alongside relaxation massage techniques include:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point work
  • Sports stretching
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Hot & cold stone therapy

Treatments are typically longer (60 or 90 minutes) and more specifically orientated to the pain or dysfunction you are experiencing.

A problem-solving approach with client feedback during the massage and ‘homework’ between treatments ensures best results.

A course of up to 6 treatments will often be recommended, starting at weekly intervals and becoming less frequent as your condition improves.