PNH window

Who are we?

Portobello Natural Health is a Complementary Health Clinic offering a range of effective & evidence-based complementary therapies. Our Natural Health Practitioners are all experts in their fields. To find out more about them and the treatments they offer see below.

Why come to see us?

You may be seeking improvement  or maintenance of general well-being or you may need specific treatment for health issues including:

  • acute or chronic pain
  • insomnia
  • digestive complaints
  • postural issues
  • hormonal & pregnancy related problems
  • chronic health conditions
  • anxious or depressed mood states
  • sports injuries

Where to find us?

We are at 19 Windsor Place, Edinburgh EH15 2AJ in our easily accessible Portobello Clinic, close to Edinburgh’s seaside.

For more information or to make an appointment contact us here



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