Why is Achilles Tendonitis Common in Runners & How Can Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy Help?

Achilles tenodonitis is a common injury for runners
Achilles tenodonitis is a common injury for runners

Did you know that whilst running, the loads placed on the achilles tendon on each step is 7-8 times the body weight? Therefore, a woman who weighs 63.5 kg or 10 stone (140 lbs) that is approximately 450 kg 1000lbs or 70 stones on the Achilles tendon with each and every stride. It is clear then that running places a lot of strain on the Achilles tendon and not surprising that issues associated with it are common place.

Occasional maintenance treatment on the Achilles tendon by a qualified Sport and Remedial Massage therapist can help to reduce the damage and risk of injury. More information can be found in this article:


John Whelan is qualified in Remedial and Sports Massage and will work with you to find a suitable individualised plan and specialised Treatments. He works at Portobello Natural Health, Monday, Friday and Saturday. To book an appointment, call him on 07454313739 or click here.

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