Jane Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist & Realignment Specialist

Jane Jamieson offers appointments on Wednesday mornings and by arrangement. She can be contacted on 07905 636 050 or via Contact page.

Jane creates tailor-made nutritional programmes tojane-snip

  • improve energy levels
  • assist detoxification
  • balance hormones
  • improve digestive problems and immunity

Jane has been practising nutritional therapy and has also been lecturing for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in biomedicine and nutritional therapy for the last 9 years. Jane’s emphasis is on diet and natural foods and combining these with natural supplementation which is either made from food, or is food state supplementation. Jane believes these approaches work best in the long run as they are safe, effective and don’t result in toxicity or any issues in the long term.

Jane finds that working with the body to create optimum health is the best approach and whilst you may come along with different disease states, very often the body can help to reserve some of the symptoms and severity if it is given the correct nutritional resources. Jane also finds that using nutrition alongside bodywork, acupuncture, emotional resolution, counselling and other healing modalities creates a synergistic effect which has very exciting results.

Jane is keen to help you find an approach which works for you, and his involves looking at dietary preferences, lifestyle characteristics as well biochemical challenges for your own body. Some people come to nutritional therapy to be given the assurance they are on the right track or to be given a few minor tweaks, other people come as they are aware they some regular ongoing support for a period of time while they make the changes in their habits that will support long term health.

Nutritional therapy costs £60 for an hour. If you would like to discuss with Jane whether this treatment would be suitable for you, please text her on 07905 636 050 or email her on  jane@enabling-health.com


Jane also has a background in musculo-skeletal realignment. Combining advanced massage techniques and cranio-sacral therapy, she can work with you to understand how your problems may have started, the most beneficial treatment approach and the changes needed to maintain good health afterwards.

Realignment works very well alongside regular massage, Bowen technique, acupuncture or other body work therapies and creates a fast-track approach to wellness and optimum function

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