Being a Massage Therapist in a Pandemic

It was good to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for easing lockdown today, bringing the possibility of hands-on practice just a little closer. Scotland has been later than England in easing lockdown restrictions, but even there, hands-on therapists are nowhere near being able to practice again, and it remains hard to determine how and when thisContinue reading “Being a Massage Therapist in a Pandemic”

PNH and Social Distancing

Due to the advice on social distancing and non essential contact now given we are very sad to announce that for the time being PNH therapists cannot see clients face to face. However Jane Jamieson is offering a full online service of her wellbeing services, which can be accessed by contacting her direct and KerryContinue reading “PNH and Social Distancing”

End of year practitioner changes

  We are very sad to say goodbye to Carol Cooke of Sonas Acupuncture. Carol has been a fantastic Practitioner and team member for the past two and a half years. She now has her own Acupuncture Clinic in Melrose and the commute to Edinburgh in conjuction with her family responsibilities has proved a bitContinue reading “End of year practitioner changes”

New therapy space update

 There have been months of planning, discussion and building at 19-21 Windsor Place, following the sad demise of Earthy Food and Goods in January and Tribe Porty subsequently taking over the lease. For us this culminated last weekend in moving out of the space at the front of the building that had been home to PortobelloContinue reading “New therapy space update”

Acupuncture for Fertility and Women’s Health

Could acupuncture enhance your chances of conceiving?  If you are trying for a baby, whether naturally or through assisted conception, acupuncture can be of help to you. It can do that by addressing stress levels, regulating your menstrual cycle, balancing hormonal activity and increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. The treatments will boost circulation, which will then support your body in providing more nourishment to the uterus and ovaries – an essentialContinue reading “Acupuncture for Fertility and Women’s Health”

PNH April updates

Spring is bringing some exciting changes to our clinic along with the new signage Acupuncturist Carol Cooke is increasing her hours with us and is now offering a new Thursday morning Clinic – which for April has 30 minute Taster sessions for only £15 We have often been asked for Reflexology in the past and now […]