Hot Stone Treat-ment

Kerry Oliver of Holos Therapies is sharing this blog from her own website –  Hot Stones are such an amazing treat AND remedial tool in one and especially beneficial in these winter months  Kerry Oliver and Caroline Madden both offer Hot Stone Fusion at the Clinic and are very happt to tell you more about how this treatment can help




I had a new client today at Portobello Natural Health. She had a lot of pain and tightness in the cervical and thoracic region after being hospitalised with Pneumonia recently, so  was in need of a comprehensive upper body treatment.

Although she hadn’t booked a Hot Stone session I asked, as I often do, if she would mind if I used hot stones to help warm and release the tight muscles.

10 minutes later she said, ‘I don’t understand how this stone thing works, I can only feel your hands but they feel really hot. Actually it feels amazing…’

Hot stone fusion should mean means that hands and stones blend into each other without any sense of tools being used, so I was pleased to hear that this worked for my client.

And she booked her daughter in for a Hot Stone Massage later in the week……if you want to try this treatment yourself do get in touch

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