Jane Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist


  Our Nutritional Therapist and Cranio-Sacral and Realignment specialist is available on Wedneday mornings and by arangement. Contact Jane direct on 07905 636 050.

Jane Jamieson is an experienced holistic therapist who creates tailor-made nutritional programmes to improve energy levels, assist detoxification, balance hormones and improve digestive problems and immunity.  Jane also provides Nutritional Therapy for the Natural Fertility Centre in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Jane also has a background in musculo-skeletal realignment, combining advanced massage techniques and cranio-sacral therapy, to work with you to understand how your problems may have started, the most beneficial treatment approach and the changes needed to maintain good health afterwards.

This type of approach works very well alongside regular massage, bowen technique, acupuncture or other body work therapies and creates a fast-track approach to wellness and optimum function.