PNH and Social Distancing

Due to the advice on social distancing and non essential contact now given we are very sad to announce that for the time being PNH therapists cannot see clients face to face.

However Jane Jamieson is offering a full online service of her wellbeing services, which can be accessed by contacting her direct and Kerry Oliver is able to advise on and sell NYR Organics products to help health and wellbeing at this difficult time.

Other practitioners are also working on how they can reach their clients remotely while this lasts. We are all very happy to discuss self-help strategies for chronic pain, anxiety and other conditions you may be affected by particularly at this time of uncertainty.

Many of us also have inspirational and educational Facebook and Instagram pages. Look particularly for Hannah Acupuncture at YellowEmpress and Laura our Sports and Swedish specialist at Massage Focus

This crisis is affecting many things we took for granted in our society and we feel our responsibilities as wellbeing practitioners deeply. We hope very much we will continue to able to connect with and support our clients and get back to face to face work as soon as it is safe to to so.

We also, like many others are self-employed and are affected significantly on the financial side. Any support you can offer us just now, by buying NY Christmas pressies extra early investing in a Gift Voucher for when this is over, or just sending a message to say you understand will be hugely appreciated.

More from us soon, stay well and look after yourselves and your loved ones.

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