Being a Massage Therapist in a Pandemic

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It was good to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for easing lockdown today, bringing the possibility of hands-on practice just a little closer. Scotland has been later than England in easing lockdown restrictions, but even there, hands-on therapists are nowhere near being able to practice again, and it remains hard to determine how and when this level of contact will be safe.

Some guidance from Complementary Therapy professional bodies is starting to emerge regarding future guidelines on working directly with clients. This currently involves an awful lot of extra disinfecting, time between clients, use of disposables, and introduction of some PPE, which may mean that having a massage will be a slightly different experience from pre-Covid times. But looking ahead is hard, as it all may change pretty quickly too.

At Portobello Natural Health, we are looking at the developing guidelines for our practice as they start to unfold. Rest assured we will be back to face-to-face sessions as soon as we can safely and responsibly practice again. We miss you guys a lot, but it looks like we will all have to be patient a bit longer.

Please also remember we are still here for you, albeit remotely for now, if you are suffering from chronic pain, lack of mobility, anxiety conditions, or anything you may have sought help for pre-pandemic. Just let us know via the contact page and you will be directed to the practitioner most able to help with your particular issue. There is much we can do to help, even through email, phone calls, or Zoom sessions, until the time for hands-on work returns.

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