Embodying mindfulness

some thoughts from our Alexander Technique Teacher, Julia Woodman I’ve sometimes heard the Alexander Technique described as ‘Zen for the Western World’. With the help of an Alexander teacher we can learn to become more present and mindful as we go about our daily life. It’s not just about ‘being in the moment’ though −Continue reading “Embodying mindfulness”

Jane Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist & Realignment Specialist

Jane Jamieson offers appointments on Wednesday mornings and by arrangement. She can be contacted on 07905 636 050 or via Contact page. Jane creates tailor-made nutritional programmes to improve energy levels assist detoxification balance hormones improve digestive problems and immunity Jane has been practising nutritional therapy and has also been lecturing for the College ofContinue reading “Jane Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist & Realignment Specialist”

Curious about Acupuncture?

Reproduced from Sonas Acupuncture blog written by  our Acpuncturist Carol Cooke on 12/9/16 In talking to people about what I do, I notice some recurring ‘headlines’ to the conversation…. I decided to have a go at discussing 3 of these here. My FAQ page answers some common questions but there’s always more to discuss! IfContinue reading “Curious about Acupuncture?”

All the fun of Porty Village Fair

The sun shone on Saturday 5th September and it was a grand day out for folk from Portobello and beyond – including the Practitioners at PNH. Alongside duck races, Tug o War, Olympic vegetables, dog shows, refreshment tents and much more, we were there to spread the word to local people about all the therapiesContinue reading “All the fun of Porty Village Fair”

Trial shows Alexander Technique and Acupuncture improve Neck Pain!

A major clinical trial published yesterday in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine, demonstrates that both Alexander Technique lessons and acupuncture lead to long-term benefits for people with chronic neck pain. Our own Alexander Technique teacher, Julia Woodman contributed to the trial and has provided a summary of the findings. Following either 20 one-to-one AlexanderContinue reading “Trial shows Alexander Technique and Acupuncture improve Neck Pain!”

Portobello Natural Health Open Day – Sunday 10th May 2015 11 – 2 pm

Portobello Natural Health is up and running. We have been getting some great feedback about our lovely bright and relaxing space from our clients and patients. We’d like to give you the opportunity to find out more about our services and how they can help you restore your natural health. On Sunday 10th May, TribeContinue reading “Portobello Natural Health Open Day – Sunday 10th May 2015 11 – 2 pm”

Spring Allergies – An Acupuncturist’s View

The warmer weather and longer days makes such a welcome change after the long dark and wet Scottish winter. It is glorious to see all the flowers and blossom blooming. It seems decidedly unfair that this can mean the arrival or exacerbation of allergies. An allergy is an overreaction of the body’s immune system toContinue reading “Spring Allergies – An Acupuncturist’s View”